Patient care is your main focus.

Helping you keep it that way is ours. 
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Hopice & Palliative Care SAAS (software as a  service)

Recently named among top tech companies moving the healthcare industry forward, Consolo provides a web-based hospice software. There's nothing to install! Simply log in and begin charting from anywhere, on or offline. We don't limit users or devices. And software upgrades? Those are complimentary as well, so you're always using the latest version of our software.
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Fully customizable business & clinical software

Providing smooth workflow in the office or the field is Consolo's mission. Our software effectively integrates clinical charting for all disciplines. We offer tailored care plans, staff communications, certified tracking and more. Hospice practice management features include a wide range of options from a robust reporting system and compliant clinical charting to volunteer and bereavement management. 
"Consolo and staff continue to deliver the best product with the best service. Every question we have has been answered or resolved. Thank you!"

Shawn Kentucky

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Revenue Cycle Management Services

In a perfect world, you'd have a dream team of dedicated billing experts to help streamline your billing process. They'd save time and money by reducing rejections, getting faster reimbursements and eliminating high payroll costs. We can help you there! We offer cost effective scalable billing solutions, affordable for new start-ups and large multi-state hospices. With over a decade in hospice billing our team is the definition of rich industry experience and we get paid only when you  do. 
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Still need more? We've got that, too.

Consolo offers enhanced modules for an additional fee. The following add-ons supplement our base product, but are not a required purchase:

  • Consolo Mainsail (CRM referral, growth & analytics)
  • Consolo Lighthouse (proactive HQRP metrics & analytics)
  • Consolo Navigator (premium scheduling , visit, mileage, time tracking & analytics)
  • Consolo e-pescribing - (eRX & EPCS integration in the clinical workflow)
"The more I use the program the more I discover about the array of possibilities it offers - it certainly is comprehensive."

Ellen Arizona